About Us


Who we are

We are a fairly new cleaning organization! Yes, we officially started in 2019, Don't be scared, this newly-opened cooperation has years of history and experience. I am from Guayaquil, Ecuador first arriving in New York in 1984. Not knowing much of the American culture, I began to work. One thing you learn about New York is, you must keep going or this city will swallow you. The first jobs I held were cleaning hotels. That later migrated into retail cleaning, commercial cleaning, and the list goes on. As you learn to adapt to each cleaning environment, you begin to acquire that they all get cleaned differently. Once you learn that, the service you provide afterwards is astonishing. My previous employers always complimented me on my great interpersonal skills - how I always made them feel at home and managed to  always have a smile on my face. The clients always ran back and told my bosses what a marvelous job I did. Years of hard work finally took a toll on me. I thrived for something more. I wanted to provide services the way I always knew how: my way - with laughter, smiles and amazing quality.  I introduced the cleaning business to my youngest daughter, who shortly fell in love with what I did. We decided to begin our own company. Naming it after her, here we are, welcoming Keely's Cleaning Services.

Founder, CEO, and President

Olga Virginia Falconi



At first, I was skeptical in joining my mother, especially with a medical/law background , yet I still gave it a try. What can I say ? I am thankful she introduced me to this line of work, because ever since then I couldn't look back! Excited and thrilled to be part of this organization !  To prove to many my age(22) is just a characteristic.  To create a logo demonstrating my vitiligo , showing off how its okay to be different ! Its not about my age, appearance, or the language I speak, but its about following my mothers foot steps. Showing clients what we can bring to the table!. To help create a family business that mainly focuses on satisfactions.  Our motto is ," smile, laughter and amazing quality." Because if you're not smiling when the job is complete than we aren't successful. We want to be a great service provider. Let our skillful-experience cleaners speak for our words. We want our current and future clients to know we aren't perfect, but we focused mainly on you and your needs. With out hesitations we do whats needed to be done, to help you be content with our services. Once we established a relationship, our focus will be mainly leaving a smile on your faces . Because if you can't see your reflection through the stainless metal, is it really clean?

COO of Keely's Cleaning Services

Katie Keely Gonzalez


To be successful in any business , we know our success mostly thrives on our costumer satisfaction. If you're not happy with our service then we aren't successful. Our main focus is on you ! Keely's Cleaning Services is here to provide nothing-more then smiles, laughter and quality.